Send from an alias

How to send emails from a different address with Mailmeteor

With Mailmeteor, you can send personalized mass emails from an alias. This allows you to send your campaigns from multiple usernames.

What is an email alias?

An alias is another email address you own. It could be another Gmail address, a non-Gmail address, or your work, school, or business email address.

Sending from an alias is a Premium feature.

To send emails from an alias, upgrade to one of our paid plans or apply to our Education Program.

How to use an email alias with Mailmeteor

Step 1 - Configure alias in Gmail

First, you need to configure an alias in Gmail. Google has a very good guide about this. Here's what it says:

  1. Click the Accounts and Import tab.

  2. In the "Send mail as" section, click Add another email address.

  1. Enter your name and the address you want to send emails from.

  1. For school or work accounts, enter the SMTP server and the username and password on that account. The SMTP server for Gmail addresses is, and the SMTP server for Outlook addresses is

  2. Click Add Account.

  3. To confirm, sign in to the account you added.

  4. Open the confirmation message, and click the link.

And voilà! You've successfully added an email alias to your Gmail account.

Step 2 - Add your alias in Mailmeteor

You can now add your alias in Mailmeteor. Here's how to do it from the Google Sheets add-on:

  1. Open Mailmeteor in Google Sheets.

  1. Click on More options.

  1. Select Create a new alias.

  1. Add your alias name and email address.

  1. Click Save.

Your alias is now ready. Great job! 🎉 To send messages from your alias, click Cancel to return to the main menu. In the Sender name field, click the ("▼") symbol next to your email address and select your alias.

Checklist before using an email alias

  1. Make sure to copy and paste the exact email address of your email alias in Mailmeteor. If there is a typo in your alias email address or if the alias is not configured in Gmail, Mailmeteor will fall back to your primary email.

  2. Verify your email alias rate limits. If you want to send emails from a non-Gmail alias, like Yahoo, OVH, or Outlook, your sending limit may vary depending on the email service provider's email quota.

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video, here's a tutorial on how to use an alias with Mailmeteor:

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