Something went wrong

There might be several reasons why you're getting a "Something went wrong" error. Follow the steps below to fix the situation.

1) Make sure you are logged in with the right Google account

When you have multiple Google accounts logged in your browser, it can cause an error because Google is not able to determine which account to use.

In this situation, Google might have trouble identifying which account you want to use. The solution is to create a dedicated profile for the account you'd like to use.

2) Reduce the size of your spreadsheet

If your spreadsheet is too big, it may prevent Google Sheets to function correctly. To resolve this issue, try the following:

  1. Check if your spreadsheet has a large number of rows, columns or more than 10,000 cells. If it does, try reducing the number of rows or columns to fix any issues with Google Sheets.

  2. If your spreadsheet contains a lot of data that is filtered, try copying only the necessary data for your email campaign into a new tab.

  3. Launch Mailmeteor again.

3) Use Mailmeteor Dashboard

Mailmeteor Dashboard lets you send emails just like you would with our Google Sheets add-on. The two works in pair and the dashboard brings even more features. If you can't send emails from the add-on, try again from the dashboard.

4) Other solutions

In case the solutions above did not work, try the following:

  1. Reload Mailmeteor. Refresh the page and open Mailmeteor again.

  2. Still in trouble? Open Mailmeteor in incognito mode (or private browsing) or using a different browser. Here's a guide to using incognito mode.

  3. Try using another browser (Firefox instead of Google Chrome for example)

  4. If the issue persists, you might need to re-install the add-on: go to Mailmeteor's Google Workspace listing, click "Uninstall". Then, install Mailmeteor back again.

Here are the other error messages related to this issue:

  • We're sorry something went wrong"

  • " refused to connect"

  • "Authorization failed / connection"

Still having an issue and need a helping hand? Contact us. We'll be happy to help!

If you need to urgently send emails, you can also use Mailmeteor's Dashboard to send them.

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