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How to mail merge with attachments in Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor lets you mail merge with attachments in Gmail. You can easily attach personalized files, like pictures or PDF to each of your emails.

Adding attachments is a Premium feature.

To mail merge with attachments, upgrade to a paid plan or apply to our Education Program.

How to add attachments in Mailmeteor

First, let's see how you can attach the same files to all your emails. If you'd rather send personalized files to each recipient, go to the next section.

  1. Open Mailmeteor.

  2. Create a new template.

  3. Click on the attachment icon.

  1. You can then drag and drop one or multiple files. Or click Choose files to browse your local files.

How to add personalized attachments

Sending mass emails with personalized attachments is a great way to save time when you want to send invoices to your customers or payslips to your employees.

To automate this recurrent task, here's what you can do ⤵️

  1. Upload your files to a Google Drive folder.

  2. Select a file and right-click on it.

  3. Under General access, select Anyone with link.

  4. Copy the link and paste it into your spreadsheet under a column where you will add all your personalized attachments. The column should be named "Attachment" or "Attachments".

  5. Repeat these steps for each recipient.

  1. Once you're done, open Mailmeteor.

  1. Select your template or create a new one.

  1. Click Send emails. Mailmeteor will then automatically pull out each file and attach it to the relevant email.

If you are not familiar with Google Drive, take a look at this in-depth tutorial on how to send a mail merge with personalized attachments (with screenshots).

Mailmeteor recommends that you upload your files on Google Drive. But you can also use other tools, such as Dropbox or Amazon S3, as well as your own servers.

To make sure Mailmeteor can attach your files, just make sure they're publicly accessible on the web.

Going further

  • You can add up to 5 attachments per email (this includes both personalized and non-personalized attachments).

  • To send multiple attachments, create multiple columns named "Attachment1", "Attachment2", etc. Each column should start with "Attachment".

  • The total size of your attachments should not exceed 5MB in size. If you want to send larger attachments, see the section below.

Spreadsheet example

Here's a link to a demo spreadsheet that shows how to mail merge with personalized attachments. It's the same spreadsheet we used in this in-depth tutorial about sending individual attachments in Gmail.

In this spreadsheet, you will notice a column named "Attachment". If you send a new campaign with Mailmeteor from this spreadsheet, each of your recipients will receive an email with the file linked in this column.

Video tutorial

How to add large attachments (> 5 MB) in Mailmeteor

To improve your email deliverability, Mailmeteor only lets you attach small files (up to 5MB) to your campaigns.

To attach larger files to your emails, we recommend using a Google Drive link.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Upload your file to your Google Drive.

  2. Right-click on your file.

  3. Under General access, select Anyone with link.

  4. Copy the link that Google Drive gives you.

  5. Open a template in Mailmeteor. Or create a new template.

  6. Paste the link in your template.

This will add a link into your emails. Your recipients can then click on that link to access the file. You can even create an text anchor, such as "Click here to download the file".

In Gmail, Google Drive links also appear as an attachment in your recipient's inbox. So it's totally transparent for your recipient.

Having issues with your attachments?

There might be different reasons why attachments are failing. We've listed all the issues on our dedicated support page:

  • The file is too large (5MB per file and in total max)

  • Too many attachments (5 files per email max)

  • Blocked for security issue

  • Spam issues

If you rely a lot on attachments, we recommend hosting your files online (e.g. on Google Drive) and only sharing the link to the files in your emails. That's a best practice, recommended by industry leaders such as Mailchimp as well.

Video tutorial

If you prefer watching a video, here's a tutorial on how to attach files to your mail merge with Mailmeteor:

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