Insufficient quota

What to do the merge status indicates that quota is not sufficient?

If you have reached your daily email quota, Mailmeteor will not be able to send emails until your quota is renewed.

How to solve this issue?

Wait up to 24 hours until your quota is renewed or upgrade on Mailmeteor if you are on the free version. To know when the quota resets, read our guide.

I have a paid plan and this error appears

First, let us mention that quota are imposed by Gmail. We have a dedicated page to explain how quota works, but in short all email addresses ending with or have a limit of 500 emails/day. While Google Workspace accounts have a greater limit of 2000 emails/day.

When you use Mailmeteor, we are bound to these limits. To avoid sending errors, anytime that we detect that Gmail limits have been reached, we stop sending new emails and you will have to wait around 24 hours before sending new emails.

To avoid this situation, here are a few recommendations:

  • Prefer using a G Suite account over a Gmail address, this grants you much more quota.

  • Do not use multiple mail merge add-ons at the same time. The quota applies on your account, regardless of the tool you use to send emails.

  • Try to split your campaigns over a few days. This will increase as well your deliverability.

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