Learn how to embed engaging content into your email campaigns.

This feature is currently in beta. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, we encourage you to report them here.

Want to add dynamic content like videos or blog posts to your email campaigns? Mailmeteor Embeds lets you integrate eye-catching thumbnails, boosting engagement and driving results.

What are embeds?

Embeds use the special variable {{ embed ... }} to insert a clickable thumbnail in your emails. When you insert this variable, it's automatically replaced with a clickable thumbnail image. Clicking the thumbnail will take your recipients directly to the content you linked.

Here's an example:

How to use embeds?

Here's how to embed content into your emails:

  1. First, find the URL of the content you want to embed, whether it's a YouTube video, Loom recording, a blog post, or anything else that uses the Open Graph Protocol.

  2. Then, inside Mailmeteor, when crafting your email content, insert the following variable: {{ embed https://... }} replacing https://... with your content URL.

Here's an example with a video from one of our YouTube channel:

{{ embed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YX65-kywOE }}

How it works?

Mailmeteor automatically detects the special variable {{ embed ... }} inserted into your emails. When it finds one, it replaces it with a clickable thumbnail.

If your campaign has tracking enabled, Mailmeteor will detect clicks on your embedded content.


What content can I embed?

You can embed YouTube videos, Loom recordings, blog posts, and anything else that utilizes the Open Graph Protocol (OGP). OGP is a standard that allows websites to provide rich snippets of information for embedding, ensuring a thumbnail and title are included.

The Open Graph Protocol is used by Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Wordpress, and many more!

Do I need to do anything special with the URL?

No, simply copy the URL directly from your address bar and insert it into your email like this: {{ embed https://... }}. Mailmeteor will do the rest!

How can I preview how the embedded content will look in my email?

Mailmeteor offers a convenient "Show preview" feature! Simply click this button after inserting your embed variable. This will generate a preview of your email campaign, including how the embedded content appears.

What happens if the content I embed isn't publicly viewable?

Unfortunately, recipients won't be able to access the content if it's not publicly viewable. Ensure the privacy settings on your video or webpage allow for public viewing before embedding.

Will clicks on embedded content be tracked?

Yes, if your campaign has tracking enabled, Mailmeteor will detect clicks on your embedded content just like any other link.

Can I change the thumbnail?

When you embed content, the thumbnail is automatically selected based on the information provided by the embedded URL through the Open Graph Protocol. For better performance, Mailmeteor makes a copy of the thumbnail and caches it for seven days. If you'd like to update the thumbnail, you'll have to wait for the cache to expire.

At the moment, Mailmeteor doesn't offer the ability to manually choose a specific thumbnail for embedded content or expire the cache. But feel free to ask for this feature.

Are there any limitations on embed usage?

While Mailmeteor doesn't explicitly limit the number of embeds per email, it's good practice to maintain a clean and balanced design. Consider the overall message and avoid overwhelming recipients with too many embedded elements.

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