Having an issue with Mailmeteor? Here's the most frequent ones and how to solve it.

I can't open Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor might have issues authenticating your account. Most of the time, it happens when you have multiple Google accounts logged in your browser. Read more about what to do if you can't open Mailmeteor.

Emails are not sending

If you have scheduled your campaign or sent your emails with Autopilot, you can track the progress of your campaign under your Mailmeteor Dashboard.

Under your Mailmeteor Dashboard, click on your campaign to check its status. In the campaign report. You will find details about your ongoing campaign, such as the date at which emails will start sending or if there are any errors preventing your emails to be sent.

Personalized variables don't work

You're trying to personalize your emails but variables won't work? The variables shows as "Hello {{firstname}}" instead of pulling data from your spreadsheet? In that case, have a look at our checklist to prevent any mail merge issues.

My attachments files are not sent

If your attachment is not sending with your emails, it might be due to the file size being too large or a temporary connection issue.

  1. Please make sure your attachment size is below 5MB. You may need to use an online service to compress your files such as a PDF compressor.

  2. Try to create a new template in Mailmeteor and attach your file again. This might solve a download issue due to a temporary connection loss.

If you need to send files over 5MB, please refer to this quick guide to help you do this: send attachments in Mailmeteor.

Email alias is not working

If you are using an email alias but emails are not sending correctly, the main reason might be that your email alias is not well configured in Gmail. Indeed, Mailmeteor falls back to your primary email address when your alias is not properly set up.

How to solve an email alias not working properly:

  1. Check that your alias is well configured in Gmail using Google's guide on how to set up an alias

  2. Once you made sure your alias is set up correctly, try to send a test email from your Gmail account with your email alias

  3. If everything works in Gmail, then it will work in Mailmeteor too!

Having any troubles with your unsubscribe link? Make sure everything is in order by checking our guide on how to add an unsubscribe link.

My tracking report does not update

To refresh your tracking report, please proceed as follow:

  1. Close your tracking report window

  2. In your Google spreadsheet, click on “Add-ons” > “Mailmeteor” > “Tracking report”

  3. It will open again your tracking report and refresh your data

Note that you can also check your campaigns metrics from within your Mailmeteor Dashboard.

My emails are going to spam

Here are two great guides to help you deal with spam issues:

Take some time to review your emails using these guidelines. Most of the time, a spam issue comes from your own email reputation or email copy. That's why we advise to work on these aspects in priority. If you still have no clue as to why your emails are going to spam, contact us so that we can review your situation together.

"You have reached a limit for sending email"

If Gmail prompts this error after you've run a mail merge, it means that you've reached your sending capacity or that your email was detected as spam. Mailmeteor sends emails using your own Gmail account, this means that when your account reaches this limit, you can't send emails for a period of around 24 hours. Read this guide to learn more about how to fix this issue.

I have another issue with the add-on

The most frequent issues have been listed here, but you might have found a new bug that we aren't aware of yet. Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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