Account suspended

Learn what to do when Google blocks your account or considers your emails' links as suspicious.

Your account has been blocked by Gmail? Here's what to do:

When Google detects unusual activity, your account can be blocked.


  • address: if your Gmail account has already been blocked by Google, please contact Google support directly as indicated on their dedicated support page.

  • Google Workspace or G Suite account: as a Google admin, you can unblock your account up to 5 times per year. More information on the dedicated support page: Restore a suspended Gmail account

Mailmeteor does not have control over your Google account. You have to ensure your activity respects Google's policies. Check our best practices guide to avoid being blocked by Google.

My account has been blocked by Mailmeteor, what can I do now?

Mailmeteor has anti-spam filters to automatically block spam content and abuse. If you think it was a mistake, you can contact us.

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