How to update a contact?

Your contacts can have properties, such as Firstname or Lastname, that you can use in your templates using variables (e.g. {{ Firstname }})

There are two ways to edit properties of a contact:

  1. In bulk, when importing contacts

  2. By manually adding properties from the contact's page.

Let's see both of them.

Saving properties when importing contacts

When you import contacts, for example from a CSV file, your file will have emails, but sometimes also additional columns, such as Firstname, Lastname, Company, etc. All of this additional information are useful to personalize your emails.

That's why they are saved alongside each imported contact, in what we call contact properties.

In the screenshot above, the contact has two properties

  • Firstname = Mary

  • Company = Mailmeteor

That means, when you create new campaigns and select a contact list, your template can reuse the same properties as variables to personalize your emails. So that you for example start the email with Hi {{ Firstname }}, increasing your chance of making a first great impression.

When you import contacts, their properties are saved. If the contact already exists, new properties are added and previous ones are updated with the latest information.

Updating properties of a contact

Sometimes, you might need to update properties of a contact. For example, they have changed of company or job role. That's pretty straightforward to do:

  1. Search for your contact by entering its email address

  2. Open the contact page and scroll to the properties section or click on "Actions" > "Properties".

When you update properties of a contact, only new campaigns will take the change into account. Past campaigns will still use the previous values. If that's not what you want, cancel the campaign and send it again.

How many properties can I set on a contact?

There's no limit on how many properties you can set. If you have the Firstname, Lastname, Address, Company, Job Role, etc. You can add import and store them on your contact. This is to help you send highly personalized campaigns.

Syncing contact properties with your CRM

While this feature is not yet supported, we believe it could be really useful. If you want us to implement this feature, please let us know or share feedback if you want to do more with your contacts.

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