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All topics related to payment or subscriptions.

Mailmeteor offers individual and enterprise subscriptions. These subscriptions renew monthly or yearly and are handle securely by Stripe.

How to change the email address linked to Mailmeteor?

You have upgraded the wrong email address by mistake and want to switch your account to another email address?

Contact us and we will change the account linked to Mailmeteor.

I've bought a license but my quota did not upgrade

After purchasing a license, your quota has not been increased?

1) Try to close Mailmeteor and re-open the add-on to see the change in quota.

2) If that doesn't work, ensure you are logged in the right account by going to "Mailmeteor > My account" from the Extensions menu in Google Sheets, or check your Mailmeteor account from your dashboard.

If you are still not able to see an increase in quota, contact us.

I've got a Google Workspace account (ex G Suite) but I'm limited to 400 emails per day

If your Google Workspace account is new and under trial period, you may be limited to 400 emails per day instead of 2000 emails per day. Usually, the trial period lasts two weeks. We cannot unlock your sending limit as Mailmeteor relies on Google's sending infrastructure.

You can skip the Google Workspace trial period by making a manual payment or pay early.

How to cancel my Mailmeteor subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription and stop using Mailmeteor, follow the steps described in the guide linked below to cancel your Mailmeteor subscription.

pageCancel subscription

We're always willing to improve the product, let us know how we can improve Mailmeteor to better suits your needs.

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