Track emails in Gmail

Mailmeteor lets you track clicks, opens, and more to help you understand how people engage with your emails. Use this data to finetune your outreach strategy and get more out of your email marketing efforts.

Real-time tracking is a paid feature. To track emails opened and clicked, you need first to upgrade to our Premium plan or apply to our Education Program. To also track bounces and replies, you need a Pro or Business plan.

What can you track with Mailmeteor?

With Mailmeteor, you can monitor your recipients’ engagement in real-time. We help you track up to 6 key metrics:

  • Sent: Mailmeteor sent your email successfully

  • Opens: The email was opened by one of your recipients

  • Clicks: Your recipient clicked a link inside your email

  • Replies: Your recipient responded to the email

  • Bounces: The email bounced back, which means the recipient didn't receive the email

  • Unsubscribes: Your recipient opted out of your email list (learn more)

How to track emails in Gmail?

1. Sign in to your Gmail account.

2. Go to Campaigns.

3. Create a New campaign.

4. Under Settings, activate Track emails.

And voilà. You can now send your campaign and let Mailmeteor take care of the rest. We will monitor how your recipients interact with your emails and provide you with a detailed tracking report in real-time.

Where is the tracking report?

1. Go to Gmail and open the Campaigns tab.

2. Select the campaign you want to monitor.

3. Click Open campaign to access your tracking report.

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