Mailmeteor BounceShield

Mailmeteor BounceShield is an in-house email verification algorithm that detects invalid email addresses and prevents bounces before sending your emails.

Mailmeteor BounceShield is part of Pro and Business plans

To get unlimited email validation and protect your email reputation from bounces, upgrade to our Pro or Business plan.

This feature is currently in beta. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, we encourage you to report them here.

What’s the problem with bounces?

If you send an email to an invalid email address, this message will be returned to the sender. This is what we call a bounce.

Your emails can bounce for multiple reasons. Maybe there's a typo in your recipient's email address. Maybe their inbox is full. Or maybe they've left the company.

Whatever the cause, bounces are bad news. They dramatically affect your emailing reputability, and each bounce decreases your email reputation.

Until recently, the only way to prevent bounces was to clean up your contact list before sending a new campaign. However, we're aware that this verification is often done manually, which takes some time and can be quite costly.

So we've created BounceShield, a fully automated service that verifies email addresses in your campaigns and detects potential bounces before sending any emails.

How does BounceShield work?

BounceShield is a built-in email verification tool. This email checker detects invalid email addresses by checking for typos and technical configurations (such as DNS, MX, and SMTP records).

Each time you send a campaign, BounceShield verifies your contact list in real time and automatically cleans your contact list, allowing you to receive fewer bounces and preserve your email reputation.

When BounceShield detects an invalid email address, the email is marked as failed in your Mailmeteor Dashboard. Here's what it looks like ⤵️

How to activate BounceShield?

You don't have to do anything. If you're on a Pro or Business plan, BounceShield will automatically scan your contact list to protect you from bounces. There is no need to manually enable it.

If you're interested in BounceShield but you don't have a Pro or Business plan, you can upgrade your account in just a few clicks.

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