Have an abstract on the most asked questions about Mailmeteor's features

Is there a tutorial about how to use Mailmeteor?

We have several tutorials to help you get started as well as how to use advanced features:

Can I send multiple campaigns in the same sheet?

Absolutely. Each campaign that you send will add a "merge status" column within the sheet. So you can send as many campaigns to the same contacts list (or segment your sheet). Pro tip: flip through the tracking report to watch which campaign ranks the best.

How to send from an alias?

If you have enabled alias within your Gmail account, you can send emails from it in Mailmeteor. To learn more about how to do it, follow the "Send from an alias" guide.

Which features does Mailmeteor provide?

Here a quick list of the top features that Mailmeteor provides:
If you are looking for more features, have a look at this section.
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