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Is there a tutorial about how to use Mailmeteor?

We have several tutorials to help you get started as well as how to use advanced features:

How many emails can I send with Mailmeteor?

Your Mailmeteor quota varies depending on the type of your Google account (Google Workspace or Gmail) and your plan. Read our dedicated article to understand how email quota works.

How to choose the emailing column in my spreadsheet?

In case you have multiple columns containing emails in your spreadsheet, you might wonder how to change which column is used to send emails with Mailmeteor.

Mailmeteor uses the column named "Email" or containing emails that is farther on the left of your spreadsheet.

In our example, the spreadsheet has 3 columns with emails inside. Mailmeteor will use column C.

If you want to change the emailing column, just switch their order. For example, by switching column C and D:

Can I send multiple campaigns in the same sheet?

Sure you can! Each campaign that you send will add a "merge status" column within the sheet. So you can send as many campaigns to the same contacts list (or segment your sheet). Pro tip: flip through the tracking report to watch which campaign ranks the best.

How to avoid re-sending emails to the same people?

You can hide rows or filter your spreadsheet in order to select which recipients will receive your next email campaign. It's a convenient way to avoid re-sending emails to people that already got your previous communication.

How to add CC or BCC?

Adding CC or BCC recipients is pretty easy. All you need is to create a column named "cc" or "bcc" in your spreadsheet, then insert emails inside this column. Read our guide on how to insert CC or BCC recipients in your mail merge.

How to send emails from an alias or another address?

If you have enabled alias within your Gmail account, you can send emails from it in Mailmeteor. To learn more about how to do it, follow the "Send from an alias" guide.

Which features does Mailmeteor provide?

Here a quick list of the top features that Mailmeteor provides:

If you are looking for more features, have a look at this section.

I’d like to share a feedback or an idea

Thank you! We definitely appreciate having your feedback. Just fill out our feedback form and the team will promptly get back to you.

Is there a free trial?

You can enjoy Mailmeteor for free with up to 50 emails a day. It’s more free email quota compared to what you can find in other mail merge solutions. We don't offer a free trial for the real-time tracking and other premium features in order to keep accounts safe and prevent spam.

Whenever you want to send more emails, Mailmeteor Premium includes up to 2000 emails, real-time tracking, scheduling, attachments, email alias & more. If you want to benefit from premium features, you can upgrade your account on our paid plans.

Does Mailmeteor offer discounts for Education?

The Mailmeteor Education Program offers free Premium accounts to all members of your staff or students. Learn more about Mailmeteor Education Program and how to apply.

Does Mailmeteor offer discounts for non-profits?

If you represent a non profit organization, please contact us so that we can offer you a plan tailored to your budget and needs.

Do you offer plans for bigger organizations?

Sure! If you need more than 50 users, get in touch with our sales and we’ll get back to you under 24h. Maillmeteor scales with your organization. For example, our largest customer has 100,000 employees using Mailmeteor.

I have questions before purchasing Mailmeteor

Thank you for considering Mailmeteor! If you have any questions before purchasing Mailmeteor, feel free to contact our sales team.

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