Live tracking

Keep track of your emails in real-time, assess the success of your campaign

When you send a campaign, Mailmeteor generates a tracking report showing email opens, clicks, replies, or bounces. The results are updated in real-time.

Real-time tracking is a paid feature.

To track emails opened and clicked, you need first to upgrade on our premium plan or apply to our Education Program. To also track bounces and replies, you need at least a Pro or Business plan.

How do you enable email tracking in Mailmeteor?

The tracking report is enabled by default on paid plans. To activate this feature from your Mailmeteor Dashboard, create a new campaign and toggle on Track emails in your settings.

Once the campaign is created, you can't change the tracking option. So, always make sure to double-check your settings before sending any emails.

What does the tracking report look like?

Here's how the tracking report looks like in the Mailmeteor Dashboard:

If you use our extension for Google Sheets, you can also get tracking within your spreadsheet (learn more).

How can you access your campaign report?

Mailmeteor generates a new report for each campaign you send. You can view your tracking reports whenever you want. To access your tracking report from the Mailmetor Dashboard, go to Campaigns and select your campaign.

What can you track with Mailmeteor?

Mailmeteor's tracking feature lets you monitor your recipients' engagement in real-time. We track up to 6 events happening in your emails:

  • SENT - Mailmeteor sent your email successfully.

  • OPENED - The email was opened by one of your recipients.

  • CLICKED - Your recipient clicked a link inside your email.

  • REPLIED - Your recipient responded to the email.

  • BOUNCED - The email bounced back, which means the recipient didn't receive the email.

  • UNSUBSCRIBED - Your recipient opted out of your email list (learn more).

To track bounces and replies, you'll need to subscribe to our Pro or Business plan.

To make sure Mailmeteor tracks your link properly, you can use the link button in the editor:

  1. Click on "Add or remove link".

  2. Edit the anchor text.

  3. Add your link.

  4. Click "OK".

How accurate is email tracking?

Mailmeteor tracks email opens and clicks in real-time. Our tracking system follows industry standards.

It works by adding a small image - called a tracking pixel - at the bottom of each email you send. Then, every time someone opens your email, it downloads that tiny image, and Mailmeteor records this in its database.

šŸ‘‰ Open tracking

Tracking is helpful to measure the success of your Mailmeteor campaign. But, due to how the email protocol works, we can't guarantee 100% accuracy on opening rates.

  • Tracking opens depends on email service providers (such as Gmail, Apple Mail, or Yahoo). Some providers download the tracking pixel before users open their emails. This is why some emails are marked as Opened immediately after sending.

  • Other email service providers block images by default. This means that sometimes your messages will be marked as Sent even though they've been opened.

  • Lastly, some email providers are blocking pixel trackers for privacy reasons, which can impact the accuracy of opening rates, no matter what email marketing platform you use.

Despite all this, most email opens are tracked accurately, and Mailmeteor's tracking report gives you a great estimation of your campaign's performance.

šŸ‘‰ Click tracking

It's much easier to track clicks than opens. Mailmeteor applies a unique identifier to track the emails sent from your account. This allows us to know exactly when someone clicks on a link.

However, this comes with a slight drawback, as your links will look different from the original URL. If you're concerned that your tracked links might look suspicious to some of your recipients, you can use a custom tracking domain or easily remove tracking by unticking the box Track emails before sending a campaign.

How to refresh the stats from the tracking report?

Tracking is updated in real time. But if you notice that your report does not update, you can reload stats by refreshing the page.

When can I access the data from the tracking report?

You can access tracking stats days or months after your campaign was sent. The data remains visible as long as you have an active plan.

Video tutorial

If you prefer watching a video, here's a tutorial on how to use the tracking report with Mailmeteor:

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