Email quota

Learn more about how many emails you can send each day with Mailmeteor.

How many emails can you send each day with Mailmeteor?

Mailmeteor quota varies depending on the type of your Google account (G Suite or Gmail) and your plan:

Mailmeteor plans

Email quota

Account Type


100 emails / day

Gmail & G Suite


500 emails / day

Gmail (


1500 emails / day

G Suite

When does email quota renew?

Your quota is reset 24 hours after the latest campaign. This 24 hours period works on a rolling basis. So, if you send emails at 2PM on Monday, your quota will be reset at 2PM the following Tuesday.

Each time you send emails, we double check that you still have enough quota. If you are trying to send more emails than available, a warning will be shown and your emails will not be sent (see Error insufficient quota).

You have to wait 24 hours after your latest campaign to get your quota fully reset.

If you send a batch of emails on Monday at 2PM, then a second batch on Monday at 8PM, your quota will be fully reset 24 hours after the latest campaign (so Tuesday 8PM).

This system has been implemented since Google might reduce your sending capacity depending on the amount of emails recently sent and others parameters (freshness of your account, etc.). By resetting your quota 24 hours after your latest campaign, you are safe to send as much emails as possible 😇

Increase your email quota

With the free version of Mailmeteor, you can send up to 100 emails a day. It's twice more free quota than other mail merge solutions. If you want to send more emails, you can upgrade anytime.

Starting version is FREE, forever. Upgrade whenever you need with our paid plans, for individuals and for companies.

How to send thousands of emails with Gmail?

The daily sending limits described here are imposed by Google to prevent spam and keep accounts safe. Mailmeteor abides by these limits and allows you to send as much emails as you can using your own Gmail account:

  • G Suite accounts have a limit of 1,500 recipients per day;

  • Regular Gmail accounts have a limit of 500 recipients per day.

Read more about Google's email quotas policy for Gsuite or for Gmail users.

If you are looking for an email solution to send thousands of emails per day (i.e. more than Google limits), you will have to sign up for a dedicated service.

We recommend you which is privacy first and works great for transactional and marketing emails.

Need help with quota?

Check out the dedicated help section about quota.