Error from Gmail

What to do the merge status indicates that Gmail had an error?
Mailmeteor uses your Gmail (or Gsuite) account to send your emails. This means that we rely on Google servers to send your emails. And sometimes, Google tells us that it can’t send an email on your behalf.

How to solve this issue?

This kind of error might appear when:
  • You’re trying to send too many campaigns - Mailmeteor works best when only one version of the add-on is running. If ever you've opened multiple sheets, try to group your campaigns in the same Google sheet and run it once.
  • An email address is incorrect - we catch most of theses formatting issues. But you should consider having a look on the recipients email addresses. You might have forgotten the "@", introducing a space " " or just forgotten the recipient. This might concern the "email" column, as well as the "cc" and/or "bcc".
  • The email content is too large - if you've added a long string as variable, you might have hit the size limit of an email. Try to reduce the content and send again.
  • Your account has been blocked by Google - we do our best to detect this error as soon as we can, but if you've sent a lot of email recently you might have been blocked by Google.
  • Google servers are temporarily down - it's unlikely to happen, but if you can't send an email from or you see news report about it, you might need to try again in a few hours.
How to know an email has been sent by Mailmeteor? All emails sent by Mailmeteor are indicated with a green colored cell in Google Sheet. You can also easily confirm an email has been sent by us by going to Gmail's sent folder.