How to add a reply-to address in Gmail?

Mailmeteor lets you send messages from one email address and receive replies on a different email address.

For example, you can send emails from and set as your reply-to address.

This way, when your recipients click reply, their responses will be sent to the address you selected as your reply-to.

Reply is a premium feature. To add a different Reply-to address, upgrade to one of our paid plans or apply to our Education Program.

How to add a reply-to address to your campaigns?

1. Sign in to your Gmail account.

2. Go to Campaigns.

3. Create a New campaign.

4. Click the three vertical dots.

5. Select Reply to.

6. In the Reply to field, add your reply-to email address.

And voilà. With Mailmeteor, add different reply-to addresses to your campaigns to route replies to the appropriate team, declutter your email inbox, and streamline your email management.

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