Domain installation

If you are admin of your G Suite domain, this article will show you how to install Mailmeteor for your whole domain.

G Suite Marketplace offers a wide range of quality enterprise apps that add functionality and features to native Google Cloud apps. Mailmeteor is a verified G Suite add-on. To use Mailmeteor you need to install it first on your domain.

A domain is what comes after www. in web addresses. This is probably your organization's name, followed by .com, such as

1) Go to Mailmeteor page on the G Suite Marketplace

You need to be logged in with your G Suite admin account to the Marketplace.

Mailmeteor Gsuite page

2) Click on Domain Install and review permissions

Click on the "Domain Install" button

A consent popup appears, click on "Continue"

Choose the domain on which you want to install Mailmeteor. Below, the demo domain is named "Your domaine name"

Review permissions, tick the Terms of services box, and click on "Accept"

Mailmeteor is built to respect your privacy by design. Learn more about Mailmeteor permissions.

Mailmeteor has been installed, click on "Done"

3) Start using Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor is now installed for all your domain. Open a Google Sheets spreadsheet, go to the Add-ons menu > Mailmeteor > Open Mailmeteor

How does Mailmeteor counts the number of users in your domain? If you plan to upgrade on our paid plans, note that Mailmeteor counts as users people that have opened the add-on once. In other words, if your domain counts 10,000 users, but only 5,000 have opened Mailmeteor, 5,000 users will be counted into account.