Add attachments

Add attachments to your emails in Mailmeteor.

You can add email attachments, like files or photos, to your email campaigns with Mailmeteor.

Adding attachments is a premium feature. To add attachements, you need first to upgrade on our paid plans or apply to our Education Program.

How to add attachments files in Mailmeteor?

To add files attachments, create a new template and click on the attachment icon as shown below:

Click on the attachment icon to add files to your emails

How to add large attachments (>4 MB) in Mailmeteor

To attach larger files in your email, we currently recommend you to add a Google Drive link in your template. That will allow you to send files over 4MB, as well as make personalized files sending to your recipients.

  1. Upload file to your Google Drive

  2. Select file and right click on it

  3. Click Get shareable link.

  4. Make sure that the "Anyone with the link" options is active.

  5. Copy the link

  6. Add the link to your Mailmeteor template

The Google Drive link will appear as an attachment in your recipients inbox.