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Unsubscribe link
Adding an unsubscribe link lets your recipients opt out from your emails, thus reducing the risk of being flagged as spam.
To add an unsubscribe link, just copy/paste the special variable {{unsubscribe}} in your template. It will be replaced by a special link that Mailmeteor uses to handle unsubscribes.
You can customize the message to unsubscribe. For example, you could use "Click here to unsubscribe". Here's how to do it:
    In Mailmeteor, open your template or create a new one.
    In the editor, add the following text "Click here to unsubscribe".
    Select this text then click on Insert link 🔗
    Copy/paste the following special variable: {{unsubscribe}}
When sending your emails, Mailmeteor will automatically convert the special variable with a unique unsubscribe link letting each of your contact opting-out easily.

How does the unsubscribe page looks like?

Whenever one of your recipients clicks to unsubscribe, they will be redirected to a page like the following:
Unsubscribe validation page
If you send a test email to yourself with Mailmeteor, the Unsubscribe link will redirect you to a generic page. It's normal that you don't see the Unsubscribe page in that case.

How to deal with people that unsubscribed?

Once someone opts-out from your list, your spreadsheet will be updated via the Tracking Report. Their merge status will be marked as "UNSUBSCRIBED".
You need to collect the unsubscribers in a separate spreadsheet. When you will run later campaigns, make sure to check that no recipients are included in the Unsubscribe list. A convenient function to look for recipients that are in the Unsubscribe list is =VLOOKUP()
You can then remove those recipients from your list, and stop emailing them.

Best practices regarding email opt-out

It's common usage to include a way to unsubscribe when sending cold emails (unsolicited emails to recipients you have had no interaction with in the past) or a marketing newsletter.
It does not necessarily have to be a link, although it needs to be clear & when people require you to opt-out, you cannot ignore them.
In some countries, you must by law include a way to opt out from your email if you are sending commercials emails (e.g. in the USA with the CAN-SPAM). Contact your legal advisor if your not sure what to do.

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video, here's a tutorial on how to add un unsubscribe link to your emailing campaign with Mailmeteor:
Happy watching!
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