Unsubscribe link

How to add opt out or unsubscribe link to your emails in Mailmeteor?

According to CAN-SPAM, you must include way to opt out from your email if you are sending commercials emails. Whether it is cold emails (unsolicited emails to recipients you have had no interaction with in the past) or marketing newsletter, you have to offer a way to unsubscribe.

Best practices regarding email opt-out

  • You must include an option to opt-out from your communication

  • It does not have to be a link, although it needs to be clear & when people require you to opt-out, you cannot ignore them

At the moment, we don't provide a built-in solution to add unsubscribe links into your emails sent with Mailmeteor.

Solution: you can add a link pointing to a Google Forms to let people opt-out from future communication. Then, you can remove these people from your contacts lists.

Mailmeteor recommends you to only reach out to people that have expressly opted-in to receive your email communication. We do not recommend using Mailmeteor for cold emailing unless you abide by the CAN-SPAM rules as well as other regulations such as the GDPR.