Segmenting & filtering

How to send emails only to certain rows and skip others?

A segment is a part of your recipients list that you can create by filtering your spreadsheet. In this example, we are going to show you how to target a specific audience.

How to create a segment of recipients?

1) Click on the number 1 in the first row, it will select the entire first row.

Click on the first row's number

2) In the menu, click on the filter icon (alternatively, you can select cells, go to Data > Create a filter)

Go to actions menu, click on the Filter icon

Click on the filter icon only once in order to create a filter. If you go in the Filter menu, and click "Create a new filter view", segmenting will not work in Mailmeteor as you will be creating a filter view.

Read more on the difference between filter and filter views.

3) Choose the filter options. Go to the top of the range and click Filter Filter

Filter options, here we can select only people working at Space X

Here are the different types of filters you can choose in Gsheets:

  • Filter by condition: choose from a list of conditions or write your own. For example, if the cell is empty or if data is less than a certain number.

  • Filter by values: uncheck any data points that you want to hide and click OK. If you want to choose all data points, click Select all. You can also uncheck all data points, by clicking Clear.

  • Search: search for data points by typing in the search box. For example, typing "P" will shorten your list to just the names that start with P.

When your filter is on, you can play with options to target a specific audience. Filter allows you to show only the records you want to send emails to. To turn the filter off, click Data > Turn off filter.

Segmenting recipients is particularly useful if you want to split your contact list in smaller groups or to follow-up on campaigns. You can target people who did not click on your previous email for example.