Add images & emojis

How to add images and emojis to your emails? ☄️

Mailmeteor is built on the native Gmail editors. It means that you can copy paste images in your email template and add emojis very easily.

Add images

1) Upload your images online

To insert images, you need to upload them to an online server before. You can use free image upload services likes ImgBB or Imgur.

These two websites are among the most reliable on the web, however you can choose any other image hosting website or host image on your own server

2) Copy the image

Once uploaded, go to the image's link. Right click on the image and choose "copy image".

3) Paste the image in your template.

Now, you just need to paste the image in Mailmeteor.

You're done!

Mailmeteor editor does not offer image resizing at the moment. If your picture is large, we recommend to resize it before uploading online. Need this feature? let us know!

Images not showing? Be sure to upload your images on a server beforehand. If you still need a helping hand on this, contact us. We'll be glad to help!

Add emojis ☄️

To add emojis, simply copy paste an emoji in your email subject or body. Even though emojis are cute, it can be considered as spammy in the eyes of anti-spam filters. Use them sparingly!

You can use shortcuts to add emojis quickly. On Mac: Control + Command + Space. On Windows, press Windows + ; (semi-colon) or Windows + . (period) to open the emoji keyboard.