Follow Up
How to send email sequences with Gmail.
We will implement auto-followup progressively over the first semester of 2022.
Here is an overview of the features we plan to add in Mailmeteor:
  • Email sequences: onboard your new users or send transactional email sequences automatically. Mailmeteor as a best alternative to Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Mailjet or Sendinblue
  • Send emails as a reply: send reminders in the same conversation or email thread
  • Bounce & replies detection: know when someone replied to your email and detect bounces
  • Sales automation follow-up: send emails based on certain conditions such as if no reply
It will require research and development work, as well as going through paid external security audits from Google. For these reasons, sequences or auto-followups will be part of a higher tier pricing plan.
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