Send with Autopilot

Learn how to maximize your deliverability thanks to Mailmeteor's Autopilot.
Mailmeteor helps you maximize the deliverability of your campaign by giving you advanced options such as throttling, sending only some days of the week and/or defining a daily cap of emails to send each day.
Autopilot is a Premium feature.
To send emails on Autopilot, you need first to upgrade on our paid plans or apply to our Education Program.

How to send emails with Autopilot?

To send emails with Autopilot and access advanced sending options, open Mailmeteor from a Google Sheets and next to the "Send emails" button, click on the caret and select "Autopilot".
Mailmeteor's Autopilot interface
The main interface of Autopilot lets you define:
  • on which days of the week you want to send emails (e.g. Monday to Friday);
  • on which hours of the day emails should be sent (e.g. 9AM to 5PM);
  • how many emails should be sent per day (e.g. 300 emails/day);
  • the interval between the emails (e.g. 60 seconds);
  • when to send the emails (e.g. right now.).
All those settings are editable. When you edit the settings, Mailmeteor gives you a rough estimation of how long it will take to send all emails in your campaign (e.g. "about 2 days" in the screenshot above). The maximum delay being 90 days.
To access the Autopilot feature in Mailmeteor's Google Sheets add-on, click on the down arrow next to the "Send" button and pick "Autopilot".
Accessing the Autopilot feature in Mailmeteor for Google Sheets

Why it's important to focus on the deliverability?

Autopilot is especially targeting power users (such as growth marketer or sales) that are looking for a solution to significantly increase their open-rate and click-rate.
When you send a campaign through Mailmeteor, there are several factors to take into account to make sure that emails will be well-delivered to the inbox of your recipients. Some factors are in the hand of Mailmeteor, some are in your hands (see here) and some are in the hands of the email service providers (ESP), such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.
Autopilot is our most recent feature to give even more power in your hands and help you focus on the deliverability rate. By defining exactly when emails should be sent, you can achieve a much higher deliverability rate than other email marketing platforms.
Having a "normal sending activity" improves the deliverability of your campaign.
If you are interested in learning more about the deliverability of your campaigns, read on with our 10 tips to level up your Gmail deliverability.
As of today, you can add a maximum number of 10,000 contacts in your Autopilot campaign.