Add-on has an error

Mailmeteor does not launch and returns an error. Why and how to solve this?

When running Mailmeteor, you - unlikely - may have an error message like: "Oops. Asteroid on approach." or "Oops. Houston we've got a problem."

It can happen for different reasons:

  • The add-on has experienced a period of inactivity. Closing and re-opening the add-on will immediately resolve that issue.

  • The add-on has detected multiple Google accounts. This happen when you switch to different Google accounts on the same browser. To solve this issue, try to run the add-on in "incognito" mode (or private browsing).

  • The add-on lacks of authorization. It may happen, when the add-on has lost permissions to run. You might have to reinstall the add-on here. If you do so, your information and paid license will not be lost.

To solve this error, follow these three steps:

  1. Close the add-on and re-open it.

  2. If you still have an error, try to re-open the add-on in incognito mode (or private browsing)

  3. If you still have an error (again), try to re-install the add-on:

    • Remove the add-on first. From Google Sheets, click on the "Add-ons" menu > "Manage add-ons" then select "Mailmeteor" > "Manage" > "Remove".

    • Then re-install it, by opening our G Suite page.

When an error occur, it does not impact your account and emailing campaigns. To confirm so, have a look to your email sent in Gmail.

Still having an issue and need a helping hand? Contact us. We'll be happy to help!