Add-on has an error

Mailmeteor does not launch and displays an error. Why and how to solve this situation?

When running Mailmeteor, you may have an error message saying: "Oops. Houston we've got a problem." This error may happen if you have multiple Google accounts or if the add-on experienced a period of inactivity.


  1. Try to reload Mailmeteor. Close the add-on and open it again.

  2. If that does not help, you might need to log out from your browser as well. At the top right corner of the window, click Profile > Sign out. Close your browser, then retry.

  3. Still in trouble? Try to open the add-on in incognito mode (or private browsing) or using a different browser.

If the error persists, you might need to re-install the add-on:

When an error occur, it does not impact your Gmail account and emailing campaigns. To confirm so, have a look to your email sent in Gmail.

Still having an issue and need a helping hand? Contact us. We'll be happy to help!